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Ciandress Jackson

Social Entrepreneur, Business & Professional Development Consultant

Over the past 15 years, I have helped individuals and small businesses, as well as large corporations, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and Big 4 Consulting firms in conceptualizing, defining, branding, and building, and implementing a wide variety of ideas, products, and programs.

As a student at the University of Virginia, I started and ran an organization for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and helped several members launch profitable and successful business ventures, or create channels for them to express creative talents or make meaningful social impact.

Since then, I’ve been up to some pretty cool stuff. I’ve started my own website design & development company. I’ve launched a niche speciality gift product, Kind Kards, to help facilitate random acts of kindness. I’ve built a children’s book and animation series based on a character that I created, Chloe the Jumbo Jet, obtained a trademark, wrote and published 5 children’s pictures, and created 3 animations project including a feature length cartoon prototype. .  And now, recognizing that there are so many people who are frustrated daily by their inability to express their talents, gifts, and ideas to help people, I have also launched  the Wunderkind IDEALab to help people like yourself get the ideas that are in their heads and in their hearts, out into the world.

Pursuing my passion projects have infused my life with depth and meaning. My gift, is bringing ideas to life, and I would not only be excited, but honored to help you pursue your passion project and live your IDEAL life.


My Passion Project

I wanted to provide an example of a project that is very near and dear to my heart. Chloe the Jumbo Jet embodies my value of travel as a means to cultural exploration and appreciation, as well as values of diversity, inclusion, and life-long learning.

Chloe the Jumbo Jet is one of the clearest demonstrations of my ability decide, define, brand, and build not just a product, but a whole consumer experienced that aligns with my IDEALS.  For this project, I did everything from direct designers and artist in creating character and environment assets, wrote the theme song, drafted the animation script, and provided creative direction to the artist and voiceover talent. My goal is that in working together, I can help you create the same level of results for your vision.

Chloe the Jumbo Jet Animation

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