Passion & Professional Development Programs

Our Wunderkind IDEALab Development Programs are designed to help you achieve specific results. Our programs incorporate our internal expertise and experience to help you realize definable and actionable goals in a set period of time. While our Wunderkind IDEALab Packages are more time based, our Development Programs are  results based. Check out what we have to offer to see if any of our programs are suitable to your ambitions.

Your Brand New Career

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Your BRAND New Career will help YOU land the job or opportunity of your dreams. By defining YOUR career or business goals, establishing the unique characteristics of YOUR BRAND, and packaging YOUR skills and credentials into a creative, visually appealing, and irresistible package we strive to help you get to where you want to go.

We will even take all of our expertise in Human Resources, Management, and Branding to teach you proven tips and tricks for opportunity searching. All in all, we are help to help you FIND and secure your ideal career or job within the next 30-90 days by standing out from the crowd. Whether you are simply looking to change jobs, change careers, or embark upon new horizons, we find pure joy in helping you get what you want out of life. Allow us to help you make Your BRAND New Career your best move yet.

Zero to Launch

Have an idea for a product or service offering? We’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to defining, strategizing, building, and launching new products and service offerings.

Whether your desire is to create a product or service offering that you desire to own and manage, or to package your idea for the purposes of licensing we will walk through the product development lifecycle with you and get your idea off the ground within 90 days. Ready, Set, Launch!

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60 Day Author

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Have you always wanted to write a book? Want to tell your story? Are you an expert who wants to share your knowledge with an eBook. Are you looking to increase your social brand, authority, or influence?

Specifically tailored to authors who desire to write and publish an eBook, a children’s picture book, or a non-fiction book or novel 25,000 words or less, we will work with you to write, edit, illustrate, and publish your book. We guarantee that you will be ready to sell your first book in 90 days.

Compass Startup Camp

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We are excited to announce the launch of Compass Startup Camp,  an adult summer camp  designed for entrepreneurs and creatives to ‘find their way back to what they love doing’. Held in Asheville, North Carolina Compass Startup Camp will welcome 20 campers to engage in creative, networking, workshops, product/program development sprints, self-care activities and of course good old’ fashioned fun.

If you are interested in participating in Compass Startup Camp, applications will be available for September 2017 starting December 1st, 2016. Whether you are looking to rediscover the hidden talent or passion that you’ve always had, collaborate with fellow designers and entrepreneurs on building something you can be passionate about, or you simply want to take a break existing in a creative and supportive community environment, we encourage you to explore Compass Summer Camp.

Passion to Profit

Passion 2 Profit is designed for individuals who are looking to generate income through an online affiliate marketing business. With this proven program we will help you unlock a world where unlimited income awaits just by blogging about a topic that you are truly passionate about while helping people all around the world. This program will help you connect the dots in a way that will actually help you earn an income online directly proportional to the effort you invest.

Believe it or not, there ARE actually people out there who generate a second income, or even a full time living by creating content and community around a topic that they are passionate about. Approximately 2 months ago, I started on this journey and found a program that seamlessly connects all of the dots to help people like you and me create highly profitable niche websites.

In Passion 2 Profit, I will introduce you to to the exact program I used to earn an income online. I will also check in with you on a monthly basis for 6 months to ensure that you are progressing toward your goal and well on your way to earning revenue through your passion based niche website.

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